Kensho Kuma featured on Zyme’s “Live Forever”

Yours truly is featured on longtime comrade Zyme‘s “Live Forever” track off of his brand new “Swish: Life of Zyme” E.P. Zyme has been on the independent Hip Hop grind since the late nineties Telegraph days, has been around the world covering similar territories as myself, has had songs played on major airwaves, and continues to hold it down through regular live performances. It’s definitely worth a listen. “Live Forever” also features Scarub of the Living Legends and frequent 2FS collaborator XienHow. Produced by my LA comrade XP the Marksman from Rhyme Addicts.



“くたばってもなー、永遠に生きたる/ 科学のおかげで経験はデジタル/ 100年後、より最も気になる/ のは今現在さ、本当に意味ある/ 事には形すら、時間も無い/ ピラミッドさえ恐れている sands of time/ この生涯だけでは物足りない/でも来世でも感じる絆と愛”

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