Cloud NI9E- Golden Gate feat. R.O.T.C. MC’s

A brand new posse track produced by my Japanese trackmaker Cloud NI9E. My R.O.T.C. infantry Denero, Slice IX, Unlearn the World, and Spread Fox, were recruited to rock this classic sample with me. I decided to implement my patented 4 bar language switch-up on this one.


“テレビにゃ絶対映らんアメリカ/ 全ての人種が集まるタケリア/メディアよりも本当に為になる/のは地元の声, いつも派手にやる/startups are killing it, residents getting by/ everything around here’s getting so gentrified/ this the Bay, where the dope artists are centralized/ home of the independent hustlers, we meant to rise/ マイメンは黒人と白人のハーフ/ 日の丸は俺の移民のマーク/ ベイエリアを背負った奴 in the house/ メキシコ人, フィリピーノ,  信じあう/ to unify the tribes, is what we rapping for/ from the cities in Asia to International/ traveling overseas, on sabbaticals/ as I teach continents, what I’m learning back at home”

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