Z&K’s House Party

I hooked up with the SF legend Z-Man, took a time machine back to ’94, went to the livest house party in Berkeley, drank hella Mickey’s, took three ounces of psilocibin mushrooms, and then recorded this song.. Yup.. this one is dedicated to the good old days. Smoke a beedi to this one. Produced by Far Beats, representing Nantes, France. Mixed by my man D-Wiz.

Z&K’s House Party feat. Z-Man

Kensho Kuma Verse 1: “To all of my people working jobs they hate/ get you 151, and then go cop an eighth/ do some shit, you’ll regret on a later date/ let’s have a house party, fuck what the neighbors say/ Z, you bring the groupies, I’ll get the geishas/ we love ratchet women of various flavors/ Indians, Dominicans, Jews, and Asians/ I pop pills turn into a Super Sayan/ where the blondes looking like Android 18?/ come hook-up with yo’ potna’, we’ll make a great team/ peace to every girl who ever slept with me/ we takin’ shrooms, but never methamphetamine/ she dancing real close, wanna get her ass rubbed/ after lotsa molly she puked in the bathtub/ damn psilocibins hit me like a Mack truck/ (blam!) screw everything, tonight the night to act up/”

Chorus: “This that party shit, take it back to ’94/ let’s celebrate everything we grinding fo’/ fans scream hella loud like a lion’s roar/ Z-Mainey, Ken Kuma be rhyming raw” x 2

Kuma Verse 2: “Yo boy Kuma done more coke, than Mick Jagger/ they glamorizing drugs, huh, like that shit matters/ these sluts with double D-cups, doing key bumps/ Z and K spitting audio crack on each cut/” “They say Asians drink and turn red like magma/ but I turn green, and start stabbing mumble rappers/ feel guilty reading these AA pamphlets/ if you drinking too much than you understand this/”