Kensho Kuma 2015 Summer Asia Tour Dates

Kensho Kuma 2015 Summer Asia Tour Dates -> All confirmed dates will be announced on this blog!

June 27th: Avalanche @ Crawfish, Tokyo

Akasaka, Tokyo w/Cloud NI9E and David Whitaker


July 4th: Proceed @ Duke Bar, Osaka

Takatsuki, Osaka w/Cloud NI9E and DJ Godz


July 5th: Gebo Welcome Back @ Club Bop, Osaka

Hirakata, Osaka w/ Cloud NI9E and Gebo

Gebo Party

July 5th: Absolute Sound @ World Pub, Osaka

Umeda, Osaka w/ DJ Shin

Shin Show

July 18th: @NASA, Chengdu, China

Chengdu, China w/ Just Charlie, Jovian, and DJ Superbestfriend


July 28th: Thai-Japanese Hip Hop Night! Part II @Jam, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand w/ DJ Spydamonkee and Mek Piisua


July 29th: Bangkok de Night Vol. 3 @ Club Diana, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand w/ Yamadaman from Rappagariya and Mek Piisua


Still Making Moves

“Still Making Moves” – Sohch feat. Kensho Kuma, Skalah, Hisanova, and DJ Audace. Sohch is my comrade/ engineer in Tokyo, and I have rocked numerous shows with his crew Life Penciled Crew. DJ Audace is a French DJ holding it down in Tokyo, and he’s scratched on many tracks of mine through out the years. I’ll never forget our “Deep Shit” parties @ Club Game in Shibuya; I remember living in Tokyo in ’06-’07 and I used to look forward to those parties every month. These cats have played a vital role in my international Hip Hop journey and they will forever have a place in my memory. I use my patented 4 bar switch evident on “Exact Science ver2.0” and alternate between Japanese and English every 4 bars on this track. Yours for free.

“Still Making Moves”




No! 俺には分かるよ腐ってくソールが/

out of towners know us for bomb weed and murders/

but yo boy reps neither I’m a conscious observer/

a type of music that ain’t commonly purchased/

we possess a talent you ain’t honestly heard of/

ミーハーの所為か? 混乱する方向性/


現場に来いよ 朝まで残れ/


never been a game this a life or death errand/

no matter what happened I kept my headsets blaring/

rocking ‘round the world since you guys were bed wetting/

believing in only the most high and kept stepping/



得た経験はエロイ? じゃなくマジカル/


Yeah ‘til this business finishes my flow won’t end/

until I take my brother Ruksok out to Ho chi minh/

‘til national attentions on my coast again/

until the unlimited violence in Oakland ends/

Ghetto History X Mix CD&DVD 12月28日発売開始

俺は一年に一ヶ月ぐらいしか日本にいない奴だけど、仲間に ”Ghetto以上にリスペクトされているイベントは東京、いや日本中にない” と何回か聞かされた事がある。 Ghettoは3,4ヶ月に一度行われるイベントで、同士の Cloud NI9E, DJ Audace, とKemuiも出演した経験がある。なぜか毎回来日するたびに日にちが合わない為、一回も遊びに行けた事はない。 でも何千キロも離れている俺にも、このイベントのクオリティーは分かる。 レジデントMC 道と悪霊を聞けば一発で分かる。 GHETTO 7周年40回目を記念して Ghetto History X CD&DVD が12月28日に発売されます。 俺はKemui君の”原子力サラリーマン” でフィーチャーとして登場してます。 要チェック必要。

I am only present in Japan for about a month out of each year, but the word on the street is that “Ghetto” is the most respected event in the Tokyo area, if not the entire country. The event occurs once every 3, 4 months and my comrades Cloud NI9E, DJ Audace, and Kemui have all performed in the past. Unfortunately, my schedule never seems to sync with the event dates, and I have never been able to attend. The quality of the event is evident in their resident MC’s Tao and Akuryo.. these dudes raw. The party is celebrating their 7 year/ 40th event by releasing a Ghetto History X CD&DVD on 12/28/13. I am featured on the track “Genshiryoku” with my comrade Kemui. Definite masterpiece. Track list here.

Ghetto History X

One of Ghetto’s resident MC’s Tao repping Roppongi.