Killings Must Stop

Look, I’ve never in my life considered myself an activist.. nor a “political” MC.. just a regular dude with integrity and morals. But with all the madness going on with our police departments, this song naturally came out. Took the instrumental from Japanese producers Typewriter&YMG, mixed by D-Wiz, and yes, this is one of the last songs I’m preparing for my “Lineage ov the Lyricist” mix CD.

Killings Must Stop

Kensho Kuma Verse 1: “Ignorant people think Asians eat cats/ I love eating pussy, please believe that/ we could joke around but these stereotypes/ are killing Black people in the dead of the night/ prejudiced Caucasians, perpetuate fright/ cops see the melanin, and pull weapons on sight/ (from the Bay Area) where we hella liberal/ yet Barbecue Becky think you’s criminal/ depending on your damn traits, phenotypical/ after Oscar Grant, most of us remained cynical/ ughh, still can’t believe they acquitted Zimmerman/ the mass media, don’t want us to remember him/ I’m down to go riot ’cause I like vengeance/ but I’d rather see a cop get a life sentence/ for taking the lives of these minorities/ some do believe in white superiority/ they known to be liars who commit forgery/ when they doing they dirt, we gotta record the scene/ ah! hold them accountable, in a court of law/ if that don’t work, we bringing war to yall/”

Chorus: “Too many people have been killed by the cops/ nobody can afford to chill and just watch/ protest, riot, or go and bust shots/ we gotta do whatever, the killings must stop/ too many people have been killed by the cops/ nobody can afford to chill and just watch/ don’t know what to do, but I’ve seen too much/ in the Bay Area, shit’s been too corrupt/”

Kuma Verse 2: “I’m hella racist like the world I was raised in/ get buck-fiftied if you disrespect Asians/ immigrants, Tibetans, or folks from Wakanda/ want more than cash, I need freedom and the honor/ forefathers proud, I’m a Japanese soldier/ some paying to be white, fuck a Sammy Sosa/ the European standards of beauty is wack/ in Hip Hop, what’s considered beauty is black/ ah, worst gang members are the agents of ICE/ what familias in Oakland be facing ain’t right/ it’s about the colored kids, not the hatred for whites/ but I’m not a pacifist, I can’t break up no fights/ at a damn Trump rally, stand with the refugees/ Latin youth in cages, cry out rescue me/ officers ain’t letting kids in the ghetto live/ people from the Middle East, get called a terrorist/ politic with doctors, and some gang members/ and learn from both groups, to further the agenda/ streets to the campus, we are making anthems/ if you down with POC’s, please put them hands up!/”


Z&K’s House Party

I hooked up with the SF legend Z-Man, took a time machine back to ’94, went to the livest house party in Berkeley, drank hella Mickey’s, took three ounces of psilocibin mushrooms, and then recorded this song.. Yup.. this one is dedicated to the good old days. Smoke a beedi to this one. Produced by Far Beats, representing Nantes, France. Mixed by my man D-Wiz.

Z&K’s House Party feat. Z-Man

Kensho Kuma Verse 1: “To all of my people working jobs they hate/ get you 151, and then go cop an eighth/ do some shit, you’ll regret on a later date/ let’s have a house party, fuck what the neighbors say/ Z, you bring the groupies, I’ll get the geishas/ we love ratchet women of various flavors/ Indians, Dominicans, Jews, and Asians/ I pop pills turn into a Super Sayan/ where the blondes looking like Android 18?/ come hook-up with yo’ potna’, we’ll make a great team/ peace to every girl who ever slept with me/ we takin’ shrooms, but never methamphetamine/ she dancing real close, wanna get her ass rubbed/ after lotsa molly she puked in the bathtub/ damn psilocibins hit me like a Mack truck/ (blam!) screw everything, tonight the night to act up/”

Chorus: “This that party shit, take it back to ’94/ let’s celebrate everything we grinding fo’/ fans scream hella loud like a lion’s roar/ Z-Mainey, Ken Kuma be rhyming raw” x 2

Kuma Verse 2: “Yo boy Kuma done more coke, than Mick Jagger/ they glamorizing drugs, huh, like that shit matters/ these sluts with double D-cups, doing key bumps/ Z and K spitting audio crack on each cut/” “They say Asians drink and turn red like magma/ but I turn green, and start stabbing mumble rappers/ feel guilty reading these AA pamphlets/ if you drinking too much than you understand this/”