03/30 2FS Boom Boom Room Show

2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) will be performing @ the Boom Boom Room (1601 Geary, SF.)  on 03/30/14. We will be the featured guests of the weekly open mic jam session Return of the Cypher. The buzz of this event has been rapidly building, and it’s rightfully becoming the hottest party in the Bay Area. Shout out’s to DJ Kevvy Kev, Davu and the Bottom Hammer Band, and the ROTC all star MC’s like Gigio, Watzreal, Denero, MC Mars, Slice Nine, and Monolyth… and of course the homegirl Zizi Buttons for holding down the merch table. Yes, we will be doing brand new material from our upcoming project.

march flier (518x800)

This track has become our lead-off hitter… and yours for free!

12/08 Kensho Kuma w/ DJ Kevvy Kev @ the Boom Boom Room

Yours truly will be headlining the Boom Boom Room in SF on December 8th, 2013. I am the featured artist at the ongoing weekly freestyle jam session “Return of the Cypher” which goes down Sunday nights. Been going regularly this month and my freestyle instincts are back to where they need to be. 12/08 will be a half hour bilingual set (that’s so appropriate since Boom Boom Room is across the street from Japantown) and veteran DJ Kevvy Kev will be holding down my set. ROTC MC’s will be in effect as usual. If you’re a vocalist of any kind, you’re more than welcome to participate in the open mic segment of the show. Oh yeah, it’s free admission.

boom boom flier

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