Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E in Vietnam

Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E will be making their debut Vietnam appearance on 08/29/2013 @ Cama ATK in Hanoi and 08/30/2013 @ Lush in Ho Chi Minh City. A third show on the 31st will be potentially added,so please stay tuned… I’ve been saying this for years, but if you really develop a creative craft (doesn’t necessarily have to be MCing, but some expressive form of art that takes time and effort) it becomes a passport and you can rock anywhere in the world. I was being so sincere when I told you in Oakland that I rep the East Bay around the globe. Vietnam, I cannot wait to meet you!


Kensho Kuma 来日/ Asia Dates

7月17日 - 9月18日 日本にいます。 オーガナイザー様、 まで連絡ください。 今回は日本だけではなく、東南アジアも回る作戦です。 I will be in Asia from 07/17/13 to 09/18/13. Please contact me at for booking inquiries. I plan to go to South East Asia this time around as well.

The Program EP Promotional Trailer

Here is the promotional trailer for “the Program EP” dropping 05/08 in Japan nationwide. It is a collage of recent performances and accurately captures Kensho Kuma in action. Be sure to place your order in the pre-order section!                                                                                                                                                                                                              五月8日に日本全国で発売される ”the Program EP” のプロモトレーラーです。 最近のライブの映像をマイメンのクラウドが編集してくれました。 まだ予約してない人はここでできるよ!

the Program EP Pre-order/ 予約

Kensho Kuma X Cloud NI9E “the Program EP” が全国で予約できます。 5月8日発売です。 If you reside in Japan, you can pre-order “the Program EP” now at these nationwide retailers and many more. 今回もよろしくお願いします。

the Program EP Final_black_font


We Nod Records

Tower Japan

HMV Japan

Disk Union

Special shout outs to the folks @ for doing this beautiful piece of the album cover.


The Program EP Coming Soon

The Program EP

The Program EPBy Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E

  1. Intro / Scratches by Dj Audace
  2. Concrete Tears feat.Siaira Shawn
  3. 開放 feat. MACSSY
  4. 二刀流 feat. Dregs One Scratches by Dj Audace
  5. Paid Dues feat. Gedeon,Orukusaki Scratches by Dj Audace
  6. Skit
  7. Enough is Enough feat. Jijiart Scratches by Dj Icewater
  8. Solace
  9. The Declaration
  10. Exit From The Catacombs Remix (Cloud NI9E Remix)
  11. 2010 Suicides / feat. Monolyth

Mixed by Mezmetic at Sevyn Layerz Deep SF, CA and XLII at Fubar Cave Tokyo, JP.

Mastered by DJ Icewater

Artwork by Marcus Murray