Cloud NI9E Debut Solo Album Dropping 11/19

Cloud NI9E will be finally dropping his debut solo album “Alternative” on 11/19. The Tokyo based producer released “the Program EP” with me last May and completed a successful Japan/ South East tour in the summer of ’13. He was also hand selected by Nujabes’ Hydeout label to become a member of the “Ficus” collective, which was specifically designed to carry on the late Japanese mastermind’s sonic legacy. This collective also enlisted 9th Wonder of Jay-Z/ Little Brother fame. The “Alternative” debut features two tracks by yours truly and one from my crew member Orukusaki.

1. Recollection
2. Everlasting feat. Orukusaki
3. Bird’s Eye View
4. Peaceful Warrior feat. Kensho Kuma & Justin Murta
5. Stages feat. Cise Starr (from CYNE)
6. Kazamidori
7. Suicidal Psychology feat. Chiba Chemist
8. Stand Alone (Musou remix) feat. Audace
9. Botanique feat. Pumpkin
10. Talking all days feat. David Whitaker
11. One Day
12. Life Work feat. Kensho Kuma
13. Tokyo kid ~Split style~ feat. Kemui
14. My heart is a melody
15. Home
16. Eclipse (Kamiaritsuki pt.2)

Booking for Asia 2014 Summer Tour Dates Now!

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Now Booking for Asia 2014 Summer Tour

DJ Cloud NI9E x MC Kensho Kuma: 2014 Asia Tour
Touring In Support of Cloud NI9E’s Summer 2014 CD Release: “Alternative”


(Korea, Taiwan, HK, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indo)

Club/Festival Asia 2014 Bookings:

2014 日本滞在予定: JULY 25 (FRI) to AUG. 9 (SAT)

                SEPT. 5 (FRI) to SEPT. 21 (SUN)

2014 東南アジア滞在予定: AUG. 14 (THURS) TO AUG. 30 (SAT)

(Korea, Taiwan, HK, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indo)


Or hit the contact button on this site.

Peaceful Warrior

“Peaceful Warrior” is a brand new banger off of my producer Cloud NI9E’s upcoming solo album; it features Justin Murta repping Vietnam and yours truly. Cloud NI9E brought a soulfully mature instrumental complete with a trumpet and I just had to bring a righteous verse to it. My 16 is a lot more militant RBG than usual and am extremely happy with the finished product.

“Peaceful Warrior” – Kensho Kuma

Reporting live from trenches of the golden state/

our experiences here, testing a soldier’s faith/

blaming the crime rate on weapons in Oakland? wait/

‘cause the residents overwhelmed by the local hate/

and social injustice and stopping my progress/

we hopping over barricades at Occupy protests/

middle class belittled as governments profit/

the devil with us no matter how omniscient God is/

represent peace, but I’m far from an pacifist/

never hesitant, ‘cause the scars of an activist/

mean something to us, we learned from the Black Panthers bitch/

to the liberals in Berkeley we be standing with/

local celebrity, verses for working class/

even if he a regular dude, he will merk your ass/

for us to change things will take more than earning cash/

so we are prepared to be right there when insurgents clash/


We don’t need no news programs broadcasting lies/

what we seeing everyday’s the truth we analyze/

we don’t need no governors lying to folks/

my people apathetic they ain’t trying to vote/

we don’t need no crooked cops beating down teens/

and you wonder why nobody will speak to police/

we don’t need no businessmen owning prisons/

I’m more than qualified to make my own decisions/

Ghetto History X Mix CD&DVD 12月28日発売開始

俺は一年に一ヶ月ぐらいしか日本にいない奴だけど、仲間に ”Ghetto以上にリスペクトされているイベントは東京、いや日本中にない” と何回か聞かされた事がある。 Ghettoは3,4ヶ月に一度行われるイベントで、同士の Cloud NI9E, DJ Audace, とKemuiも出演した経験がある。なぜか毎回来日するたびに日にちが合わない為、一回も遊びに行けた事はない。 でも何千キロも離れている俺にも、このイベントのクオリティーは分かる。 レジデントMC 道と悪霊を聞けば一発で分かる。 GHETTO 7周年40回目を記念して Ghetto History X CD&DVD が12月28日に発売されます。 俺はKemui君の”原子力サラリーマン” でフィーチャーとして登場してます。 要チェック必要。

I am only present in Japan for about a month out of each year, but the word on the street is that “Ghetto” is the most respected event in the Tokyo area, if not the entire country. The event occurs once every 3, 4 months and my comrades Cloud NI9E, DJ Audace, and Kemui have all performed in the past. Unfortunately, my schedule never seems to sync with the event dates, and I have never been able to attend. The quality of the event is evident in their resident MC’s Tao and Akuryo.. these dudes raw. The party is celebrating their 7 year/ 40th event by releasing a Ghetto History X CD&DVD on 12/28/13. I am featured on the track “Genshiryoku” with my comrade Kemui. Definite masterpiece. Track list here.

Ghetto History X

One of Ghetto’s resident MC’s Tao repping Roppongi.

“平日の夜” (On a Weeknight)

毎日、毎晩、働いているばっかりいるあなたへササゲマス。 今日もお疲れ様、明日も頑張って。

Kensho Kuma x Cloud NI9E





a よじれたネクタイ、オンボロのスーツ/

を脱ぎ捨て, 飛び込むヴォーカルブース/

今でも現場で会えるなら cool/

でも三十路過ぎればいなくなる クルー/

後輩が裏切って, インチキしても/


知ったこっちゃねー,  感情殺しレッツゴー/




リストラくらえば,  drugsで儲ける/




我慢しきれるのが大人 right?/

絶えて絶えて, 命の音デザイン”

Cloud NI9E featured on Hydeout Album

Besides the great sensei DJ Krush, no Japanese producer has ever influenced the global sound scape at the magnitude the late great Nujabes did; from his soundtrack of “Samurai Champloo,” the “Luv Sic” series with Shing02, to his phenomenal solo projects, it’s an understatement to say that he left his mark on music. I remember begging my former engineer Mez to lend me his Samurai Champloo DVD’s and writing for hours to his mellow, jazzy instrumentals. He was and always will be definitely a noticeable part of my Hip Hop experience.

Nujabes released his music through the Hydeout label and they manage a store called Tribe. A new project from the Hydeout label “Black Foliage” will be released on 12/18 and features my producer Cloud NI9E. It’s even more impressive that Cise Starr rocks the track; the Florida MC has been on my radar since he merked “Steady” with his group Cyne. Oh yeah… 9th Wonder is also on the project too… Be sure to cop this one, I’m more than sure that it’ll be available on the Tribe site.

Hyde Out Cover

Interview on Vietnamese Television

Kensho Kuma and Cloud NI9E were featured on “Sharing Vietnam” on VTC 10; it’s a nationally broadcasted program in Vietnam. We were invited to the television studio before our Hanoi CAMA ATK show during our Asia tour last summer, and the original interview aired 09/11/2013. Thank you to Ms. Phuong Lien and the VTC10 crew for doing such a phenomenal job. I’ll probably upload the unedited version to my youtube account as well.

09/16 Rocking at the Aviation Museum

Kensho Kuma

Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E will be rocking at the “Backup Plan” event at the Aviation Museum in Saitama, Japan, on 09/16/2013. 9月16日、埼玉の航空公園でライブします。 アジアツアー最後のライブなので遊びに来てね。 This will be my last show for my Asia tour for now. N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters) will also be performing; I heard these cats on the German super producer team Snowgoon`s Kraftwork album and was impressed. I look forward to rocking with them. I am not associated with the image below, but it is from an event the promoter organizing this event.

Cover Photo

Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E in Shimane, Japan

I wish that I could have written this blog much much earlier, instead of 4 hours before starting a 15 hour journey to Shimane, Japan. Yours truly and Cloud NI9E will be holding down a 90 minute set with some unexpectedly new material @ DJ Bar Mix. 島根の皆さんぜひ遊びに来てください. BTW, this is my DJ`s hometown, so I`ll be in Supersayan ultra grizzly more… as usual…


Shimane Flier