Feast! on Hip Hop @ Ear Peace Records 11/23

The good folks @ Ear Peace Records (3268 Adeline Street, Berkeley CA 94703) and I will be throwing “Feast! on Hip Hop” on 11/23. I cannot offer you a better opportunity for you to dance that turkey and stuffing off… I can personally co-sign each and every artist on the roster; I asked each one of them personally and they are all thorough artists I have rocked with throughout my life…

Feast! on Hip Hop line-up:

Candlespit Collective

the Understudies

Kensho Kuma

Orukusaki (Zulu Nation)

BQardi Ellington (PJ Mobb)

Cio Casteneda

Wisecrack the Skribe

Vago (Switzerland)

They did a phenomenal job renovating… If you haven’t checked out their art/ layout, please wake up and come through…

Damn, Son Where’d You Find That? @ Brainwash 10/20

Yours truly will be rocking with some of the hardest working local underground Hip Hop acts @ Brainwash in San Francisco on 10/20/12. This is a free event, so be sure to come through and support!! Also, you can get your laundry done at this venue…
The Line-up thus far:

Kensho Kuma

Candle Spit Collective

the Understudies



Skinny Hendrix


The “Swordz Up (Jovian Remix)” has been getting the crowd hyped recently, so I look forward to rocking it at a more intimate venue.