12/08 Kensho Kuma w/ DJ Kevvy Kev @ the Boom Boom Room

Yours truly will be headlining the Boom Boom Room in SF on December 8th, 2013. I am the featured artist at the ongoing weekly freestyle jam session “Return of the Cypher” which goes down Sunday nights. Been going regularly this month and my freestyle instincts are back to where they need to be. 12/08 will be a half hour bilingual set (that’s so appropriate since Boom Boom Room is across the street from Japantown) and veteran DJ Kevvy Kev will be holding down my set. ROTC MC’s will be in effect as usual. If you’re a vocalist of any kind, you’re more than welcome to participate in the open mic segment of the show. Oh yeah, it’s free admission.

boom boom flier

ROTC Kuma banner

11/23 Kensho Kuma Rocking w/ Scarub and Kirby Dominant

Yours truly has just been added to the 11/23 Scarub show @ the Live Musician’s Co-op in Santa Rosa (925 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.) As you may know, Scarub is a founding member of the Living Legends collective and also belongs to the 3MG’s with Eligh and the Grouch. The Legends were probably the first to demonstrate to me the pure freedom and power of doing Hip Hop independently; I remember them rocking a packed venue in Shinjuku, Japan back in 2001. I recall being amazed by the support they received in my home country; in other words, I credit them for giving me part of my blueprint.

Scarub Show
























“California Sunrise” by Scarub. Produced by my comrade CAV3.

Kirby Dominant is like every Berkeley MC’s kind and funky uncle always surrounded by fine felines. He’s now in a group called “Paranoid Castle” with the Canadian producer Factor.

Shout outs to my potna Pure for getting me on the bill. Look up for his upcoming debut album.

11/22 Conscious Hip Hop Night @ the Gilman

Yours truly will be hosting the monthly Conscious Hip Hop event @ the Gilman on November 22nd, 2013. The Gilman is a historical punk rock venue founded back in 1986 and famous bands like Rancid, Green Day, and NOFX spawned their careers there. The venue has a no alcohol, no drugs, no homophobia, no violence, etc. policy, so it’s appropriate for all ages.. I just found out that the Gilman even has a book documenting their history. My folks, the Globelotters Collective, started the first Hip Hop events at the venue earlier this year; I’ve performed twice at the monthly party and it was a pleasant experience both times. This month I will be hosting the biggest Conscious Hip Hop Night thus far; the event will feature a total of eight up-and-coming acts, including my comrades One Werd and Acmaculate One.

November Gilman Flier

June 8th Gilman Conscious Hip Hop Night

Yours truly is building up his momentum to hit Asia this summer @ Godzilla Grizzly Supersaiyan 100 mode… Well, all that means is that I’ll rock my ass off like I usually do… On June 8th, I’ll be rocking the Gilman Conscious Hip Hop Night at the historic 924 Gilman in Berkeley.

The organizers of this growing monthly are Skeptic and N.I.C that were featured in this cypher with me; this night also features the debut set of a young MC named Swai-Gu! who I consider to be doper and more dedicated than most youngins out today.