07/05/13 Thizzler Wildstyle Session

Thizzler on the Roof is a reliable Bay Area Rap portal that closely covers local acts… They have begun a monthly cypher session at the First Friday Oakland Art Mur Mur celebrations; DJ Twelz and Z-Man were hosting the session when I got there and I just did what I do. Props to Deuce Eclipse from the Zion-I crew and Do-Dat from the Attik for holding it down as well. The next one is 08/02/13; I’ll be out in Asia, so go rep for me.

the Program EP Pre-order/ 予約

Kensho Kuma X Cloud NI9E “the Program EP” が全国で予約できます。 5月8日発売です。 If you reside in Japan, you can pre-order “the Program EP” now at these nationwide retailers and many more. 今回もよろしくお願いします。

the Program EP Final_black_font


We Nod Records

Tower Japan

HMV Japan

Disk Union


Special shout outs to the folks @ Zooooo.jp for doing this beautiful piece of the album cover.