2 Brand New 2nd Floor Samurais Tracks FREE Downloads

My group 2nd Floor Samurais released two bangers last night and they’re available for FREE download!

The first one, Samurai Original, is produced by longtime Bay Area artist Mister Cleen, and references one of our clothing sponsors.. I implement my patented 4 bar language switch on this one.

Here are the “Samurai Mask” hats from Samurai Original. If you’re interested, click here.

The second banger is 2nd Floor Soldier, produced by our cohort Seneca of Earth Amplified. We take a no-nonsense RBG stance on this one and all of my verses are in Japanese. These are my most serious Japanese bars thus far.

“差別じゃねー少数民族の現実/ を冷静に書き続ける僕の鉛筆/はポン人の常識にゃ収まらない/悪魔も眠りにつくララバイ”

Shout out D-Wiz at Drum Dealer for mixing these songs.