Kensho Kuma Features

Kensho has been featured on countless worldwide releases, including:

2012 Releases

• The Bins – “Every Second of the Night” (1320 Records)
Contains: “I Wish I was in Africa” featuring A-1, Arata, Kensho Kuma

Jazzabelle's• Akai & Alina – “Jazzabelle’s”
Contains: “Dank Dier” featuring Rabbi Darkside and Kensho Kuma.

• Various Artists – “Internationally Known Volume 2”
Contains: Kensho Kuma – “Swordz Up (Jovian Remix) feat. Akua Naru”

Deadliest Catch• Kemui – “Deadliest Catch” (P-Vine)
Contains: “原子力サラリーマン(Genshiryoku Salaryman)” feat. Kensho Kuma

2011 Releases

Carpe Diem• Vago NS – “Carpe Diem Mixtape”
Contains: “Talk to You” featuring MC Mars and Kensho Kuma.

• Various Artists – “Hip Hop 2 China Compilation”
Contains: “When we Rap” – Kensho Kuma feat. Black Box

Mecha Godzilla• MeccaGodzilla – Perfect 天
Contains: “Minasan” feat. Arablak, Baron, DVS, Hona Core, Kensho Kuma, Lex, Atari
Blitzkrieg, Cymarshall Law, Hop & Jon Luca

Previous Releases

• Kaigen – Curse ov the Kaigen LP (2008, Poetic Dissent)
Contains “Fateful Encounters” featuring Kensho Kuma.

• MC Say – Phaat Shit Vol. 2 (2008, Phaat Productions)
Contains “Estan Muy Mal,” and “Respeta Nuestra Pluma” featuring Kensho Kuma

Mezmetic• Mezmetic – Secrets of the Stringray Style (2007)
Contains “Attack of the Iron Panda” featuring Kensho Kuma

• KK – Light in a Fog (2007, Mary Joy Recordings)
Contains “Immigrant Anthem” featuring Kensho Kuma and Tenzin.

Mr Tsang• Mr. Tsang- Family Business (2007)
Contains “Exact Science” and “You Just like Me” & “Happy Skate Hip Hop” featuring Kensho Kuma

• E da Boss – Entertainment 7” (2003, Slept On Records)
Contains“Entertainment” featuring Kensho Kuma and King Eljen.

• Mezmetic – A Handful of Sand and a Distant Wave (2003)
Contains “Circle Game” featuring Tenzin, Thailan, and Kensho Kuma.

• DJ Shin – World Famous (2003, TTE)
Contains “Gutter Light” featuring Kensho Kuma.

Strictly Indee• Various Artists – Strictly Indee Compilation (2000)
Contains “Inner Connect” featuring Kensho Kuma and Tenzin.

• Various Artists – Catacombs Compilation (1999)
Contains “Brain Hacker,” featuring Kensho Kuma, “I.P.(Birth of MC)” featuring Kensho Kuma and Tenzin, and “T.O.H,” featuring Kensho Kuma, Tenzin, and A-Twice.

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