ROTC TV Episodes #1-5

Return of the Cypher now has an official weekly webisode series thanks to my brother Orukusaki and Tefari Casas from Filmatic Productions. Each ROTC TV episode will feature cyphers on and off the stage, the Gem Stone Band, DJ Kevvy Kev rocking the dance floor, featured performers, and patron interviews. Oruk will be the regular anchor, but I’ll cover for him when he’s out on assignments. Here are the first five episodes, enjoy.. Just always remember, ROTC is every Sunday evening at the Boom Boom Room in SF, and it’s always free and never will be canceled. All episodes shot by Tef @Filmatic Productions, except episode 5 shot and edited by Khali at aFilmNoob.

ROTC TV: Episode 5- the Introduction

ROTC TV: Episode 4- Rahman Jahmaal “Street Poetry” Release Party

ROTC TV: Episode 3- Watzreal Album Release Party

ROTC TV: Episode 2- Boom Bap Sessions feat. Joe Mousepad

ROTC TV: Episode 1- January MVP Competition

2015 Team Backpack Submission

Team Backpack is an awesome platform for MC’s to showcase their craft. Many local artists, such as Richie Cunning, Task1ne, and Locksmith, have successfully accumulated a great deal of shine from Team Backpack. To tell you the truth, I have never seen a wack MC on TBP. I decided to submit a verse for the 2015 audition.. I’m normally not into submitting shit, or auditioning for anything.. but enough of my friends have been submitting this year, and it just seemed like too much fun..

Shout outs to Tefari Casas from Filmatic Production for shooting and editing.

Update: So the above submission got accepted and I was invited to the live auditions in LA! Unfortunately, due to life obligations I will be unable to go.. I’ll be rooting for my many friends to pass the auditions and rep in the cyphers.


HH4C in the Media

As you probably know by now, Hip Hop 4 Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to making socioeconomic change through the educational implementation of Hip Hop; what that means is that the members go out to campuses and teach academic skills from a Hip Hop stance using its own curriculum. The organization also throws its own events showcasing local talent; the acts are specifically selected to reintroduce and emphasize the core beliefs/ morals of our culture, which are peace, love, unity, and having fun. We are opposed to the mainstream glamorization of sexism, drug abuse, homophobia, materialism, and gang violence; we believe that these problems are not/ should not be the only available representation of our culture, people, or community.

HH4C have been receiving lots of coverage in the media recently. Yours truly is briefly included in the East Bay Express article. Director/ BPos MC Khafre Jay was also featured on a KPIX segment titled “Oakland Rappers Want to Change the Game with Positivity.”

Hip Hop 4 Change Featured Artist

Yours truly is now a featured artist on Hip Hop 4 Change, an organization dedicated to fighting social inequalities and injustice through the education, empowerment, and implementation of Hip Hop culture. I am honored to be selected alongside artists I look up to such as Equipto, Melina Jones, and the Coup.

Their philosophy is that “the mainstream music industry sells sexism, homophobia, drug abuse, materialism, and gang violence as if these problems represent the cornerstones of hip hop culture. These are actually symptoms of hollow marketing schemes driven by corporate greed  and when young people buy into them, it perpetuates another generation of closed minds and more hollow marketing.  Hip hop stems from the roots of artistic, creative, and militant demands for justice and the acceptance of diversity in all its forms.  In this way, hip hop is what we as individuals want it to be.”

The organization is dedicated to grassroots activism and I have ran into founder Khafre numerous times raising funds for local causes. Please visit the site, check out what Hip Hop 4 Change is about, and if you feel that the beliefs and objectives are in sync with yours, please don’t hesitate to support.

Odell Hussey Photography

2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) recently went to Odell Hussey photography to get professional photos taken. Odell has extensively worked with the local music scene and his work at the popular Nonstop Bhangra parties has been critically acclaimed by the clientele. I believe that his photography of local independent fixtures Rafael Sarria of La Gente, Coco Peila, and Mandeep Sethi accurately captures their vibrantly colorful personalities.  During the 2 hour shoot Odell’s passion for his craft was more than evident and I wholeheartedly recommend his expertise for any artists in need of professional photos.






























Interview on Vietnamese Television

Kensho Kuma and Cloud NI9E were featured on “Sharing Vietnam” on VTC 10; it’s a nationally broadcasted program in Vietnam. We were invited to the television studio before our Hanoi CAMA ATK show during our Asia tour last summer, and the original interview aired 09/11/2013. Thank you to Ms. Phuong Lien and the VTC10 crew for doing such a phenomenal job. I’ll probably upload the unedited version to my youtube account as well.

The Program EP Promotional Trailer

Here is the promotional trailer for “the Program EP” dropping 05/08 in Japan nationwide. It is a collage of recent performances and accurately captures Kensho Kuma in action. Be sure to place your order in the pre-order section!                                                                                                                                                                                                              五月8日に日本全国で発売される ”the Program EP” のプロモトレーラーです。 最近のライブの映像をマイメンのクラウドが編集してくれました。 まだ予約してない人はここでできるよ!