the Game Music Video

I am featured in the brand new music video “the Game”, off of Japanese emcee/ producer Rikinish‘s album “Everyday.” The video also features and is directed by R.O.T.C. all star Jane the Message. Shot by Sarah Arnold and cameo appearances by UnLearn the World, Po, Ismael Ahmad, quattro, Alex Pascarz. Special Thanks to Christopher Tang and the Boom Boom Room.

R.O.T.C. TV Season 2 Episode 1

R.O.T.C. TV Season 2 Episode 1 is here!! Orchestrated by Return of the Cypher Director Unlearn the World and Boogie the Man, the debut episode for the new season accurately captures what our R.O.T.C. world has become. We will have ongoing episodes getting produced, so please stay tuned!! Photo credit: Sarah Arnold Photography

If you don’t know by now.. R.O.T.C. facilitates top-tier, organic cyphers powered by our in-house Get Down Band and songstress Jenna Medina. It goes down every Sunday evening at the Boom Boom Room in the historic Fillmore District of San Francisco. These cyphers are open to the public, and all MC’s, lyricists, rappers, vocalists, etc., are welcome to participate.. as long as they read our rules, acknowledge them, and receive a wristband. Our event also features a traditional dance party segment overseen by R.O.T.C. Commander DJ Kevvy Kev and a special weekly guest performer!!

R.O.T.C. Official Newsletter

I have started the Official R.O.T.C. Newsletter!! If you don’t know by now, Return of the Cypher is where Hip Hop culture resides in the SF Bay Area!! Every Sunday evening at the historic Boom Boom Room in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, we facilitate an organic, top-tier cypher, backed by our in-house live band. The event celebrated its 5 years anniversary this past summer, and the movement is showing no signs of slowing down.. please come through!! Please sign-up here!!


2nd Floor Samurais NEW Site

My group 2nd Floor Samurais have a brand new site!! We have 4 album tracks, 3 FREE downloads, and 2 new videos!! Please also make sure to sign up for e-mail list to receive notification about our upcoming debut project and performances..

Kensho Kuma x D-Wiz – “We Vape” OFFICIAL Video

We Vape Flier Front

I started smoking cigarettes in late high school, and by my early twenties I was a regular smoker. I tried numerous times using various methods to quit, but unfortunately I never could.. I remember really disliking the feeling of not wanting to smoke, but giving in and lighting one up. Vaping was introduced to me in ’11 and I am no longer a smoker. I wholeheartedly believe that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette, and I consider myself to be in a better physical shape than I was back then. I’m not gonna front, I still have the occasional social cigarette, preferably a Parliament Light, but cigarettes are no longer an addiction I cannot control.

I teamed up with D-Wiz, who is a fellow vapor and my engineer, to bring you “We Vape,” a fun, educational, and goofy song about vaping. The production was handled by Brycon, the scratches by DJ S.T.A.T.I.K., the videography by Kev Temple for Bay Biz Films, and the art work by Zyme. The song was released from Oakland’s own Drum Dealer Music.

We are currently finalizing our promotional items, which feature 10 mg bottles of coconut flavor and “Alien Blood,” (6 mg nic 50% VG 50% PG) supplied by Tasty Vapor in East Oakland. Once the pertinent labels have been placed on the bottles shown in the below picture, the promo campaign will officially begin; please contact me if you know of a business or event that would be interested in receiving these in the SF Bay Area. Also, Gov. Brown signed bills stating that effective 6/9/16 it is unlawful to hand out free samples of nicotine liquid products… So Wiz and I will be hustling to get these out!! Buy the song here.


We Vape Flier Back

Raps United Nations Japanese Wave Vol. 1

Kensho Kuma’s “Exact Science ver2.0” is featured on “Raps United Nations Japanese Wave Vol.1,” presented by Billy Danze from the legendary M.O.P. squad and mixed by DJ Kuni. The mix project specifically focuses on up and coming Japanese Hip Hop artists, and I feel honored that my track was personally chosen by Billy Danze.


Kuni Track List

2FS Video Premier/ Kuma Birthday Bash!

On 08/16/2015, we will be premiering 2FS’ “Whatchanameis” video @ROTC, in conjunction with Kensho Kuma’s Birthday! All patrons rocking panda attire will receive a very special Pandaneze gift from the Japanda!!

2FS birthday

Study Music Group Podcast featuring Kensho Kuma

Study Music Group is a label ran by my comrade Citizen. Him and his partner in crime Poe have put in mad work for Deltron 3030 and their upcoming EP features Del the Funky Homosapien. I am featured as a guest on their regular Podcast, and we talk about hella different things including MF Doom, attractive girls who rap, and upcoming releases.

ROTC TV Episodes #1-5

Return of the Cypher now has an official weekly webisode series thanks to my brother Orukusaki and Tefari Casas from Filmatic Productions. Each ROTC TV episode will feature cyphers on and off the stage, the Gem Stone Band, DJ Kevvy Kev rocking the dance floor, featured performers, and patron interviews. Oruk will be the regular anchor, but I’ll cover for him when he’s out on assignments. Here are the first five episodes, enjoy.. Just always remember, ROTC is every Sunday evening at the Boom Boom Room in SF, and it’s always free and never will be canceled. All episodes shot by Tef @Filmatic Productions, except episode 5 shot and edited by Khali at aFilmNoob.

ROTC TV: Episode 5- the Introduction

ROTC TV: Episode 4- Rahman Jahmaal “Street Poetry” Release Party

ROTC TV: Episode 3- Watzreal Album Release Party

ROTC TV: Episode 2- Boom Bap Sessions feat. Joe Mousepad

ROTC TV: Episode 1- January MVP Competition

2015 Team Backpack Submission

Team Backpack is an awesome platform for MC’s to showcase their craft. Many local artists, such as Richie Cunning, Task1ne, and Locksmith, have successfully accumulated a great deal of shine from Team Backpack. To tell you the truth, I have never seen a wack MC on TBP. I decided to submit a verse for the 2015 audition.. I’m normally not into submitting shit, or auditioning for anything.. but enough of my friends have been submitting this year, and it just seemed like too much fun..

Shout outs to Tefari Casas from Filmatic Production for shooting and editing.

Update: So the above submission got accepted and I was invited to the live auditions in LA! Unfortunately, due to life obligations I will be unable to go.. I’ll be rooting for my many friends to pass the auditions and rep in the cyphers.